Celebrities Sara Bareilles, Shonda Rhimes, Stephen King, and Others Leave Twitter after Elon Musk’s Takeover

A small but rising number of famous people, actresses, and artists claim they are leaving Twitter Inc. now that Elon Musk is its owner out of concern for what the social media network might develop into under Musk’s direction. These celebrities assert that they won’t hold off on learning what modifications Musk makes.

Even before completing his $44 billion buyout last week, he declared he was thinking about making adjustments such as easing restrictions on free expression and enabling banned users to rejoin Twitter. Some users claim that these changes could make it easier for hate speech to spread.

Early on Wednesday, Musk tweeted that users who had been banned from Twitter for breaking its rules would not be let back until the firm had a clear procedure in place.

The implementation of it might take at least a few weeks, he said. Emoticons were used by Musk in his reply to a tweet on Tuesday about people looking up which celebrities were quitting Twitter. He posted a laughing and a ghost emoji on Twitter.

A similar move earlier this year by musicians, including the rocker Neil Young and the folk singer Joni Mitchell, who removed their songs from Spotify Technology SA, was echoed by the migration from Twitter. They took issue with the streaming service broadcasting what they perceived as inaccurate information regarding Covid-19 on Joe Rogan’s show. Some supporters of former President Donald Trump last year said they stopped following him on Twitter after he was kicked off the social media site after the January 6, 2021 incident at Capitol Hill.

This past weekend, the 42-year-old singer Sara Bareilles, stated on Twitter that she would see people on other platforms.

Toni Braxton, a 55-year-old R&B singer whose songs include “Un-Break My Heart,” stated that he was startled and outraged at some of the ‘free speech’ witnessed on the platform. She said on Twitter last week, saying the platform was no more safe herself, her sons, and other “POC.”

Actress Tea Leoni, well-known for her roles in the CBS series “Madam Secretary,” posted on Twitter that she was leaving the platform and would wait and see were so much dust and “hatred.”

“Billions” showrunner Brian Koppelman concluded his agreement with Twitter.

While 68-year-old actor and producer Ken Olin said he was out of Twitter, 52-year-old showrunner and producer Shonda Rhimes revealed that she was not staying around for whatever Elon has planned.

The 41-year-old actor, celebrity Josh Gad, who is best known for playing Olaf in the “Frozen” films, said he was torn between leaving Twitter. Last, but not the least as of this article, Stephen King, the prolific 75-year-old author, was against the idea of charging a monthly charge for verified accounts. He said he would leave if the charges get ‘instituted.”


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