Former 1st Daughter Chelsea Clinton removes Kanye West’s music from playlist says the way that he has talked about women is unconscionable

Image : Chelsea Clinton Gage Skidmore Flickr

Chelsea Clinton said that she had dropped the Donda rapper who is now called Ye, from her music list, for the way in which he treated celebrity reality star Kim Kardashian, his ex wife and in general for the way he talks about women.

In a recent interview, Chelsea Clinton, who is a celebrity both for her writing and being a former First Daughter, revealed that she had dropped Kanye West from her playlist. Although Kanye has self proclaimed that he’s the “greatest artist that God ever created” Chelsea for one disagrees and there should be millions of other too who disagree with his self proclamation.
Celebrity mother and daughter—Hillary and Chelsea Clinton were interviewed for their digital cover story on EW. They promoted Gutsy— a docuseries that they co-host on Apple TV+. Chelsea is an avid marathon runner. She said that she loved listening to hip-hop when she was on a dedicated running trail.

Chelsea Clinton spoke in length to the outlet about her taste in music. She said that she often listened to a lot of music by Jay-Z. She said that she also listened to old-school Beyoncé, the multi-Grammy award singer, who also happens to be married to Jay-Z. So the celebrity couple is definitely on her playlist. However Chelsea Clinton dropped one half of another celebrity couple—Kanye West, after Kim Kardashian filed for divorce. According to Entertainment Weekly the reason she gave for dropping Kanye from her playlist was “the way that he has treated Kim Kardashian.”

Chelsea Clinton said that “the way that he has talked about women” was “unconscionable” to her. She also noted that Ye’s music was some of her “favorite running music” and that she had removed it from her music library. Kanye West has been quiet in the recent past but during their divorce proceedings, he had unreasonably lashed out at his celebrity ex-wife reality star Kim Kardashian as well as her then boyfriend Pete Davidson with memes, violent videos and crass lyrics.

Will celebrity Kanye feel disappointed that Chelsea Clinton remains friends with his ex-wife, celebrity reality star Kim Kardashian, although she mentioned that his music was one among her favorites in her playlist? Only Kanye can answer that question and it is not known if and when he will answer it.

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