Witnesses Testify at Heard-Depp Celebrity Trial, Velasquez in Relationship with Brit

The continuing court case of celebrities Johnny Depp and Amber Heard drew the attention of celebrity observers this week, and attorney Camille Vasquez’s representation of Depp. There is speculation on whether Depp’s hotshot lawyer could be stealing the show in his $50 million defamation claim against ex-wife Amber Heard.

Amidst rumors that she is having a special relationship with her client Depp, TMZ reported that she is said to be seeing a British realtor, and has been in a serious relationship for several months now. The California native has kept her personal life secret outside of the courtroom, revealing nothing to the public and having no social media profile.

Meanwhile, testifying on stand was Depp’s longtime pal Ellen Barkin accused him of having a possessive streak, while his former agency claimed he romanticized narcotics and was often late to shoots, negatively hurting his business. Before the morning break, Depp’s former business manager detailed his deteriorating financial status as well as his “erratic behavior” when it came to drugs and alcohol.

Michelle Mulrooney, Heard’s prior attorney, said she was approached regarding “an Amber Heard pre-nup” for her marriage to Johnny Depp in late January or early February 2015. This appeared to have sparked talks of a post-nuptial arrangement. She then recalls Depp being “mean,” slurring his words [she felt he was inebriated], calling her a “bitch,” and terminating her over the phone.

During a confrontation in the 1990s, Barkin recalls Depp tossing a wine bottle at her. Over the course of their friendship and sexual relationship, Barkin claims she witnessed this dozens of times. Depp was also jealous, according to Barkin, to the point that he mistook a scratch on her back for evidence that she had cheated on him. He could be “controlling” and “demanding,” she said.

Depp’s previous doctor Dr. Alan Blaustein spoke about the celebrity actor’s inner torment and drug addiction. He stated Depp used narcotics and alcohol to cope with “psychic” wounds in a taped deposition dated January 2022. Blaustein also stated that he was concerned about the actor’s drug use, including his Adderall addiction. He also revealed that Depp was not too sure about marrying Heard; had also described her as his “mother and psychotic sister.”

Image Ellen Barkin 

Johnny Depp Photo Author Georges Biard Wikimedia

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