Watch: Jeff Bezos’ mega yacht quietly sails through Dutch canals avoiding De Hef and egging

Jeff Bezos’ mega yacht sailed through Dutch canals and has reached Rotterdam for its construction to be completed. The 127 meter yacht Oceano Y721 was the center of controversy as the luxury yacht’s builder had earlier asked for approval for a hundred year old bridge to be temporarily dismantled so that its three large masts could pass through. The local residents had promised to pelt the yacht with rotten eggs, while local officials had said that no decision had been taken about dismantling the De Hef bridge and if it would be done, then the shipping yard had to pay costs.

After the local residents had castigated the rich builders and owner for paying no heed to the almost hundred year history of the Koningshaven bridge by asking for it to be dismantled, local residents began a campaign which mentioned that the residents would throw eggs on the mega yacht as it passed under the iconic bridge. Local authorities had said that they had not taken any decision on the dismantling of the bridge called De Hef, by local residents, after seeing the opposition and ire of its residents


Later, Oceano said that they had withdrawn the proposal of asking for the bridge to be dismantled to allow three large sails of the proposed Y721 yacht to pass through. On Tuesday, the yacht build at a shipyard in Alblasserdam, Netherlands, owned by Oceano quietly passed through Dutch canals avoiding De Hef, without its huge masts.

It seems as if this option was always available, although Oceano and the ultimate owner of the mega yacht, who is said to be Jeff Bezos although Oceano refused to confirm it, didn’t want to pursue it. They created temporary ill will and utter disregard for history and local sentiment by asking for an almost hundred year old bridge to be temporarily dismantled, just to facilitate the whims of a luxury company and a rich yacht owner. The dismantling proposal of Koningshaven bridge showed disregard for local history and sentiment, until the residents decided to protest and announced a campaign of pelting eggs on Y721, if the yacht passed through De Hef, following which the proposal was taken back.

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