Video: Senator Kyrsten Sinema Retains Filibustering Position at WEF, Davos Panel, and High-Fives Manchin

Joe Manchin of West Virginia at the World Economic Forum Tuesday in Davos, Switzerland.

On Tuesday, former Democrat, now Independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema appeared on a panel at the World Economic Forum Meeting, in Davos, Switzerland. The senator from Arizona upheld her position on the filibuster rule in Congress. Sinema, along with Democrat Joe Manchin, had opposed the efforts by the Democrats to remove the 60-vote filibuster threshold. Both these senators shared a high-five, during the panel meet, as the Democrat from West Virginia attended the meet.


Independent senator Sinema said that they had “free and fair elections all across the country” and this validated her stance that there was no need for an elimination of the filibuster stance so that the legislation on voter-access could be passed. Earlier, the Democrats said that the filibuster had to be eliminated to pass the above-mentioned legislation as well as other bills.

When the voting-access bill had been formulated, both these senators, who were Democrats at that point of time, said that they supported the bill but would not support a change in the filibuster rule, to pass the bill as it did not have enough bipartisan support.

Kyrsten Sinema Upholds Filibuster Stance at WEF, Davos High-Fives Joe Manchin

 Opponents of the filibuster, who are Democrats, believe that it brings about dysfunction in Congress. The winners of an election are unable to pursue key portions of their agenda due to the filibuster.

Ms. Sinema also said that governing the nation had become difficult due to the far left and far right in Congress. She mentioned the “unenviable position” that a “dear friend of mine” was in, as he had to give significant concessions to members of his GOP for them to vote for him to become the Speaker of the House. She was referring to Kevin McCarthy, of the Republican Party.

The upcoming sessions in Congress could be tumultuous due to the partisan divide in Congress. Last week, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen asked Congress to raise the debt ceiling as it would be difficult for the government to pay its bills sometime around early June.

Speaker McCarthy had promised his GOP party members that he would ask for spending cuts as a condition before the debt ceiling is raised. The Democrats have said that there would be no negotiations on spending cuts. If both the parties continue with a rigid stance till early June, there is a slight possibility of default by the government.

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