Ukrainians Fleeing To UK Could Be Sent To Rwanda Under Johnson’s Strict Asylum Criteria

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson, vowing to keep his Brexit vows to control Britain’s borders, vowed a crackdown on smuggling routes across the English Channel saying migrants who do not fit tight asylum standards will be flown 4,000 miles to Rwanda for possible resettlement.

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, unveiled the Rwanda proposal late lastmonth as part of a crackdown on smuggling routes across the English Channel. Most illegal migrants will be ruled inadmissible to claim asylum under the scheme, which was put into law, because their routes will have taken them through safe nations before arriving in Britain.

If Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion arrive in the United Kingdom without travel documents, they may be caught up in a contentious new plan under which migrants who do not meet strict asylum criteria will be flown to Rwanda for possible resettlement, according to a top immigration official who spoke to UK lawmakers.

Some conservative MPs are concerned that Ireland’s move to waive visa restrictions for Ukrainians following the Russian incursion may open up another access point for people who do not pass British security checks or are waiting for British visas. Ireland and the United Kingdom have an open border agreement.

British officials have stated that all inadmissible adults who have arrived since January 1 could be deported to Rwanda on chartered planes, The Washington Post reported. Johnson proposed sending “tens of thousands” of such migrants to Rwanda, a Commonwealth country that could either accept them as refugees or return them to their home nations.

With 80 million people displaced around the world, many of whom are fleeing poverty and war, Britain is not alone in trying to make illegal migration more difficult — and to shift the asylum procedure “offshore.”

Last year, Denmark looked into a migration agreement with Rwanda. In an experimental operation, Israel attempted to persuade illegal migrants from Eritrea and Sudan to take cash and a one-way trip to Rwanda.

The European Union is continuing to order the Libyan coast guard to send migrant boats back into North Africa in the Mediterranean. In 2019, the Trump administration deported 900 asylum claimants from the United States to Guatemala. The program was halted by President Biden.

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