Twitter sued over Elon Musk’s job cuts

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Twitter Layoffs Begin-Here’s a message that corporations don’t exist to create jobs, they exist to create wealth for all those individuals who still revere business leaders as job creators. Musk’s layoffs at Twitter became the subject of a lawsuit.

Employees at Twitter filed a class action lawsuit against the company for breaking the legislation requiring 60 days’ notice for mass layoffs at large corporations. Yesterday, a case was filed in San Francisco’s federal court.

According to Bloomberg, nearly 3,700 employees would be affected by the reductions, or roughly half of the workforce. After numerous businesses, including General Mills, Volkswagen, and Pfizer, suspended their Twitter advertisements over worries about content moderation, Musk said that there had been a “huge loss in revenue.” Additionally, according to Reuters, who cited unnamed sources, Musk wants to “discover up to $1 billion in yearly infrastructure cost savings,” and servers and cloud services have been singled out for savings of up to $3 million a day. The sources caution that such drastic changes could jeopardize the stability of the platform.

According to Reuters, the whole content curation staff at Twitter was among the people let go.

A class-action complaint against Twitter was launched on Thursday by current or former employees, who claim that the corporation failed to provide adequate notice and violated state and federal law.

The firings come almost a week after Tesla CEO Elon Musk paid $44 billion to buy Twitter and immediately began to transform the dominant social media platform. Since the beginning of the layoffs, he has not tweeted about them. Instead, he vented on Twitter about activists who were trying to destroy free speech by getting businesses to cease running ads on his platform. He said that the migration caused a significant decline in Twitter’s revenue. In the meantime, the profile language on Twitter’s official Twitter account has been changed to “What’s happening?,” as if astonished by the commotion.

It has been reported that  Musk’s layoff intentions in the weeks before the acquisition, including one that claimed Musk intended to reduce Twitter’s staff by 75%.

Here is what Twitter told its employees.

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