Trans Educator Wears Prosthetic Breasts in Classroom, School Defends Gender Rights

Image: Facebook Joseph White

A trans teacher, who reportedly began transitioning from male to female since a year, has been taking classes for students while sporting enormous prosthetic breasts. According to Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ontario, Canada, it would be unlawful to object to or forbid the educator who stirred concerns by showing up to classes with enormous prosthetic breasts. The school board revealed that it supports her “gender rights.” After being seen on camera using a cut-off saw in the manufacturing technology class while donning tight black shorts and a tight, striped top, the blonde high school teacher whose name is cited as Kayla Lemieux, gained notoriety.

The same teacher was depicted in additional photos shot by students at the school in Oakville, some 20 miles west of Toronto, with enormous nipples protruding from the artificial bust. The teacher was receiving “substantial attention online,” according to the Halton District School Board. However, it refused to name the teacher while admonishing that online stories contained the wrong person’s name. Some troubled students have avoided the industrial arts teacher’s sessions in Oakville since she started identifying as a woman last year.

Margo Shuttleworth, the chair of the Halton District School Board, has acknowledged that there have been protests and irate complaints. Additionally, the district asserted that criticizing or interfering with the instructor would violate the Ontario Human Rights Code. Lei, a mother of a senior at the school, reportedly stated that although she was fine with Lemieux coming out as transgender, wearing such oversized prostheses was excessive.

The board’s chair acknowledged that because students videotaped the teacher in class, there seemed to be some disconnect, but actually, all the kids loved being in the class. When the video surfaced over the weekend, the district anticipated a surge of protesters to gather outside the school. Even though there were police officers stationed all around the school, only one protester who was waving the Canadian flag and claimed to be a former student turned there.

Parents and other concerned residents are reportedly preparing to protest the district and demand action be taken on Lemieux’s wardrobe at its upcoming board meeting on Friday, September 23.


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