Tesla Model Y Electric Car Catches Fire, Driver Smashes Window To Escape

Electric vehicles are not known to catch fire at a higher rate than gasoline-powered vehicles, and moreover, Tesla fires are uncommon. However, they do happen.

An almost new Tesla Model Y caught fire after reportedly powering down while driving. Shortly after the power outage, smoke began to pour into the Tesla’s air vents.

The cabin began to fill with smoke. The driver claimed he was trapped inside the vehicle and forced to shatter the glass to exit. The event occurred on Friday in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Jamil Jutha, a Tesla owner from Canada, reported that while driving his 2021 Tesla Model Y, which he purchased only eight months ago, the vehicle issued an error warning and subsequently shut down.

Jutha’s Tesla is a Model Y SUV from 2021 is a fully electric, mid-size vehicle with versatile cargo space and an expansive all-glass roof that provides a seamless view of the sky. The Model Y’s doors reportedly would not open after the power outage.

Thankfully, the driver was able to escape through the driver’s side window before the car caught fire. He alleges that he had no choice but to smash the window to get out of the flaming car.

According to experts, the Tesla Model Y fire seems to have originated towards the bottom of the vehicle’s cabin, unlike prior fires. Following that, the flames advances to the roof and outside the window. Thankfully, the incident had no impact on other vehicles or businesses because firefighters responded immediately, reports say.


This event is a reminder for users to be aware of and remember that all Tesla vehicles have manual door releases. If the power goes out, Tesla’s vehicles include an emergency release that opens the doors. During the high-pressure, life-threatening crisis, Jutha stated it was not easy to figure out how to operate the emergency release.

Battery fires provide additional issues for fire departments than other vehicle fires, however, it is unclear whether the battery was on fire in this case.

Tesla is presently researching the cause of the fire, but because the battery is positioned at the bottom, most battery fires engulf the entire car. They can be tough to put out, but in this case, the fire crew had it under control in seconds.

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