Senator Ed Markey Questions Elon Musk on Twitter’s False Accounts and Blue Subscription Policy, Says ‘Fix your companies’

Senator Edward J. Markey Facebook Page Image

As Elon Musk continues to tweet while making jokes about the circumstance in his replies to supporters and right-wing influencers, reports indicate that Elon Musk’s tenure at Twitter is turbulent. With verified phony accounts that seem to be in chaos, advertisers leaving, and the company’s cut down almost half of its workforce. On Sunday, Musk went a step further and used the platform to reportedly make fun of a sitting U.S. senator.

On Friday, Senator Ed Markey in a tweet to Elon Musk, asked him to clarify what his business intends to do about all the phony accounts on Twitter.
Twitter has been flooded with accounts imitating Blue subscription well-known brands and people ever since Musk’s $8 Twitter made it possible for any paying users to become verified. This has apparently led to problems; some businesses have already departed the platform.

Sen. Markey asked for the data after a writer for the Washington Post, Geoffrey Fowler, was able to impersonate him and create a false verified account. Fowler stated that he could build a Twitter Blue account impersonating lefty comedian Blaire Erskine for $7.99, replete with the blue checkmark that gives it the appearance of being a legitimate account.

“Twitter must explain how this happened and how to prevent it from happening again,” said the Senator. Musk responded on Sunday morning saying that perhaps it is was because the senator’s real account seems like a parody. He also asked why the senator had worn a mask in his profile picture. Sen. Markey’s disposable medical mask which can be seen in his Twitter avatar was brought up again by Musk.

Many of the responses to Musk pointed out that it might not be best for him to quarrel, reports say, with a sitting U.S. Senator who serves on the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.

“Are you suggesting the Senator will abuse his political power to attack me? ” Musk replied back. Responding to Musk, Markey tweeted that one of Musk’s businesses was on an FTC consent decree, the NHTSA, which monitors auto safety, was looking into another for causing deaths. So the new owner should not spend his time online picking battles. “Fix your companies. Or Congress will,” the senator said.

Sen. Markey is a member of three subcommittees that could potentially provide regulatory oversight over Musk’s numerous businesses, including Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX: the Subcommittee on Communication, Media, and Broadband; Product Safety, the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, and Data Security; and the Subcommittee on Space and Science.

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