See The Throwback Photo Celebrity Paris Hilton shared with King of Pop Michael Jackson

Image Paris Hilton Instagram

In the photo, celebrity icon Michael Jackson was seen wearing a red dress shirt. He has a pair of aviator sunglasses around the collar of his shirt. The reality star wore one of her early zipper sweatshirts with the zipper low and matched it with low rise jeans. She wore her long blonde hair loose, well below her shoulders.

Celebrity Paris Hilton often keeps her fans in touch with what’s happening in her life with photos and videos on social media. Each and every new business venture or event as a DJ or her wedding which was turned into a reality show is shared by her, for her fans to follow her progress. However, a recent post by the socialite was a throwback photo of her with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, on his birthday.

Paris Hilton put an arm around the celebrity singing sensation as he apparently attended a call. Michael Jackson was holding a large cellphone to his ear. Both of them had smiles on their faces as they posed for the photo that was posted by her, on her Instagram Story and Twitter.

Paris Hilton captioned the story, “Happy Birthday Michael” and added a red heart emoji. The King of Pop was born on August 29, 1958. He and the celebrity entrepreneur knew each other as her mother Kathy Hilton and Michael Jackson were friends from when she was a teen. Her childhood best frIend and co-star Nicole Richie (adopted daughter of celebrity singer Lionel Richie) was the goddaughter of MJ.

Although Michael Jackson has faced a lot of controversy due to his lifestyle, addictions and more, those close to him, whether they were his spouses, children or friends including Paris and her mother Katherine Hilton always maintained that he was a fun loving, generous, thoughtful person, who has been misunderstood by some.

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