Psychologist Testifies Celebrity Heard Suffers from PSTD Due To Depp’s Physical, Emotional Abuse

In a four-week trial that had so far largely focused on Depp’s version of events during their turbulent 15-month marriage, Amber Heard took the witness stand in a Virginia court on Wednesday afternoon in Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against her – a make-or-break moment for the actors in a four-week trial that had so far largely focused on Depp’s version of events during their turbulent 15-month marriage.

The 36-year-old began her testimony in a US courtroom as gender stereotyping became the centre of proceedings involving the two celebrity actors.

According to Dr. Dawn Hughes, a professional and forensic psychologist in New York who specializes in domestic violence, Amber Heard lost 25 pounds, dropped from 130 pounds to 105 pounds, as a result of the claimed assault by Johnny Depp,

Hughes’ expert opinion differed from that of the forensic psychologist called to the stand by Depp’s side last week, who said Heard showed no evidence of PTSD.Hughes, on the other hand, claims that the actress suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of Depp’s intimate partner violence.”

The doctor said that Heard was taking significantly ‘more medication’ and had more panic attacks and outbursts of fury, and that the combination of Depp’s substance usage and the violence was a ‘very very disastrous mix.’

While Heard was verbally abusive and did hit Depp, according to Hughes’ study, she was not on the same level as him since she was ‘never able to shift the balance of power and control.’

According to Hughes, Heard was subjected to physical aggression from Depp, who pushed her, shoved her, choked her, and kicked her in the face. Some of the sexual attacks left her with “mainly bruising,” “cuts,” and “vaginal soreness.”

Hughes testified that Depp subjected her to several acts of abuse — physical, sexual, psychological, and emotional – during her 16-month marriage to the actor, which began in 2015.

Actor Depp has claimed that he never struck Heard and that he was the victim of domestic violence, having been punched and assaulted numerous times by his wife. Depp told the jurors that Heard had a “thirst for conflict.”

Depp’s lawyers were attempting to undermine Hughes’ testimony. Heard was visibly moved as she sat in the courtroom, where Depp was also present, listening to Hughes’ evidence.

However, Amber Heard went over instances throughout 2012 when, she claims Depp was abusive, both emotionally and physically. She related all of Depp’s slapping and how ended up on the carpet after the blow.

When her lawyer, Ben Rottenborn, brought up Heard’s allegations of sexual assault and other forms of domestic abuse in his opening statements, a spokesperson for Depp denied the allegation, calling it “fictitious” and cooked up for Hollywood shock value and that Amber had “exploited a serious social movement.”

Depp’s lawyers also brought up James Franco and Elon Musk, whom Heard met at the Met Ball in New York in early May 2016.

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