Protest Erupt in New York as health care workers face a deadline Monday for getting vaccinated


New York health care workers face a deadline Monday for getting vaccinated. Those that oppose getting vaccinated which includes tens of thousands will lose their jobs if they don’t get the vax.

New York state implemented a mandate that will  not allow people to avoid getting vaccinated,  even if  have had regular testing for Covid or  have religious exemptions. Protests are erupting in NY amongst health care workers. They say they  would rather be fired than inoculated

It is reported that Gov. Kathy Hochul may have to send in the National Guard. She may have to request foreign temporary workers to step in as replacements.

New York City school teachers are waiting on a judge’s decision Wednesday on the legality of the rule that is for health care workers. New York City’s vaccine mandate for the education department employees was placed on hold after a federal judge on Friday night temporarily blocked it.

City officials report that 82% of educational staff are vaccinated. 30,000 education department staffers have not yet submitted proof that they had received their shot for COVID-19. Preschool and childcare providers who contract with the NYC  must comply with the vaccination requirement by the original deadline. However, if they don’t, they will not face consequences for programs as of now.

Meanwhile, New York declares state of emergency as vaccine mandate chaos looms.

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