President Emmanuel Macron Slams Childish Comments by Liz Truss

On Thursday evening, Prime Minister hopeful Liz Truss of Great Britain had commented that the jury was out on whether French president Emmanuel Macron was a “friend or foe.” On Friday, Macron replied in detail on French TV on the foreign secretary’s comments on the relationship. Her country leaders from both Labour, who is in opposition, as well as a former Conservative member criticized her on her lack of judgement while commenting on this important matter.

Emmanuel Macron responded with statesmanship to the undiplomatic comments by the foreign secretary of Britain Liz Truss, who is also the frontrunner to replace Boris Johnson in 10 Downing Street, early September.

Emmanuel Macron spoke of how it was not good to lose one’s bearings in life as we lived in a “complicated world” that had “more illiberals, authoritarian democracies, destabilizing powers.”

He added that they were “heading towards serious problems” if they were unable to tell whether France and the U.K. were “enemies or friends.” He also reiterated that the “British people—the nation that is the United Kingdom—is a friend, a strong and allied nation, whatever its leaders.”

He hit back at Liz Truss’ earlier remarks by saying, “And sometimes in spite of, and beyond, its leaders…or the little mistakes they make with campaign pot shots.”

Earlier, on Thursday evening, Prime Minister hopeful Liz Truss had spoken to party members and had told that the “jury’s out” on whether the French president Emmanuel Macron was a “friend or foe.” She also said that she would “judge him on deeds, not words”, if she became the prime minister of Great Britain.

Nadhim Zahawi, the current chancellor of Britain defended Truss and called her comments “light hearted” and said that it had a “touch of humor.” but Labour said that Truss’ comment indicated a “terrible and worrying lack of judgement.”

Gavin Barwell, who is a former Troy minister and belongs to her Conservative party posted on Twitter, “You would have thought the foreign secretary was aware we are in a military alliance with France.”

On Friday, on BBC Radio 4’s Today program, Miguel Berger, the German ambassador to the U.K. spoke of how the U.K. should have an “as close as possible” relationship with France. He also noted that efforts had to be put in to “reach a good understanding and cooperation “ with their French neighbors.

(Photos Credit  Asatur Yesayants   ,  Alexandros Michailidis , Ahmad Sya’bani )

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