President Biden warns of the devastating economic effects and asks Congress to prevent a rail strike.

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President Joe Biden urged Congress to take action on Monday to prevent a potential rail strike that may start as early as December 9. He warned that such a strike would have devastating economic repercussions. A rail shutdown, according to Biden, “would devastate our economy.” “Numerous American industries would cease operations without freight rail. Communities might no longer have access to the chemicals required to guarantee safe drinking water. There’s a chance that ranches and farms across the nation won’t be able to feed their animals.”

Up to 765,000 Americans “may be forced out of job in the first two weeks alone,” said Biden, adding that legislators should approve the draft agreement revealed in September “without any amendments or delay.”

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Legislation will be discussed this week, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “to prevent a catastrophic statewide rail strike, which would grind our economy to a standstill.”

More than 400 organizations called on Congress to get involved in the railroad labor dispute on Monday. The dispute threatens to halt supplies of food and fuel, strand travelers, and cause billions of dollars in economic harm. A halt in rail traffic could affect nearly 30% of weighted cargo shipments in the United States, cause inflation, and cost the American economy up to $2 billion per day by causing a chain reaction of transportation issues that would impact the country’s energy, agriculture, manufacturing, health care, and retail sectors.


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