Peloton introduces new athleisure line to wear to work

Peloton is entering the athleisure line market, launching its own line called Peloton Apparel. The new clothing line is developed in house by Pelotons own designers. The fabrics have been tested by members and instructors.

Casual wear is here to stay. With offices opening up and people going back to work getting dressed in work attire  is not something they look forward to after working from home in sweats. With new office concepts, such as the hybrid office model, casual looks will be in high demand.

Jill Foley, Peloton’s vice president of apparel  first bought unbranded clothing and used the  Peloton logo, but she thought about her customers and what they really wanted. In fact, she said it was the customers who were asking for comfortable workout wear. Foley started their own design and production team for Peloton creating better quality clothing so they could take better control of their own designs. Size and fit become an important factor when listening to a large loyal customer base.

The brand is now selling sell crop tank tops, attracting a younger demographic for those in their 20’s.Peloton already has. Structured looking  sweatshirts and leggings are affordably  priced between $38 and $54.Leggings can be prices as high as $94.00. Vests for men  they can wear over a collared shirt are also being introduced in the Pelton Athleisure line. With six million members and growing, Peloton is able to take an already loyal customer base feedback on what works for fit and comfort.

Branded sports lines have been around for ages, but Peloton’s introduction into fitness wear could improve shareholder value and customer satisfaction. Peloton Interactive Inc. PTON Leisure Products NASDAQ Trend Analysis -PTON appears to be consolidating within a longer-term downtrend. Shares are presently below the 200-day moving average, which is falling along with the 10-day moving average. However, the Average Directional Index, or ADX, is below 20, indicating that shares have exhibited sideways movement recently. Comparative Relative Strength analysis shows that this issue is lagging the S&P 500. As of 4:00 PM ET Friday, 09/24/2021 Source :Charles Schwab




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