PE Teacher Aadrina Salean Smith Accused of Offering Money to Students to Beat Up Classmate

Image: Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office

In the City of Vivian in Louisiana, at North Caddo Elementary Middle School, substitute PE teacher Aadrina Salean Smith allegedly paid five pupils $5 each to bully another student last month. She was arrested on Monday.

A video that captured the incident shows 24-year-old Smith communicating verbally with five students and seemed to be congratulating three of them who participated in the battery. The victim was lying on the floor when Smith was captured on camera in the gym’s bleachers, according to the Caddo Sheriff Department. The video showed that she made making no effort to assist the student to get up.

After being fired from the Caddo Parish School District, the substitute teacher was taken into custody at the Caddo Correctional Center on a $10,000 bond. She is accused of one count of misconduct and five charges of juvenile delinquency. There are likely to be more arrests, reports say.

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The Louisiana incident comes shortly after the Tennessee administrator was dismissed for being seen on camera dragging an 11-year-old special education student across the floor. This shows that teacher misbehavior is rife throughout the US. The kid was pulled about 570 feet—the length of two football fields—by Helen Campbell of Walter Hill Elementary in Murfreesboro, after she seized him by the ankles. Campbell was fired on Thursday for “unprofessional conduct, conduct unbecoming, insubordination, and neglect of duty.”

On Tuesday, Elizabeth Suzanne Bailey of North Carolina was slapped with 27 new felony counts after it was determined that she had repeatedly allowed her child victim to visit her home following her arrest. She was accused of raping a student, and despite a stay-away order, she made the minor victim visit her home at least nine times after her arrest, the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office reported.

On August 31, Brandon Neal, ex-Oklahoma track coach at Broken Arrow High School, was accused of sexual abuse and second-degree rape. Neal and the adolescent victim, who went to the same school, allegedly started dating in December 2019. The teenage victim and her mother reported Neal’s behavior to the Broken Arrow Police Department the following month, according to reports. In yet another incident, a Colorado school staffer Sarah Jones was imprisoned this week for repeatedly sexually assaulting a former high school student who was 16 years old.

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