Oklahoma Firefighters Find Remains of 2 Adults and 6 Children in Suspected Murder-Suicide Event

On Thursday, eight people were found dead in a burning home in a Tulsa suburb. The incident is being looked into as a murder-suicide by authorities. An Oklahoma couple, Brian Nelson and Brittney Nelson, termed as main suspects in the deaths of their six children, were under an increasing financial strain, family members revealed. The husband also had ongoing pain from a working head injury.

Brian’s parents, Danny and Marilyn Nelson verified that their six grandkids – Brian II, 13, Brantley, 9, Vegeta, 7, Ragnar, 5, Kurgan, 2, and Britannica, 1 — were the six little victims in Thursday’s tragedy in a conversation with Tulsa World. According to the outlet, Danny and Marilyn claimed they were going to watch the kids the night before they were killed. They were scheduled to be delivered to their grandparents by Brian and Brittney at 5:00 pm.

Till 6:00 pm, no one responded to texts, Danny revealed to the media. When he switched on the television at six o’clock, they reported that there had been a fire in Broken Arrow near Hickory and Galveston, where his son lived. According to the site, Danny believes that the eight-person family’s severe financial difficulties and a brain injury Brian allegedly had at work may have served as incentives for him and his wife to murder their family.

Brian and Brittney Nelson filed for bankruptcy in 2020, reporting $8,803 in assets vs roughly $138,000 in debts, the majority of which were unpaid college loans, reports said. In the petition, both claimed to have been unemployed at the time and to have been reliant on government assistance. Nine weapons were also among the listed assets in their bankruptcy filing.

Marilyn Nelson revealed that her son always had a gun in his pocket and that had a license too. The newspaper was also informed by Brian Nelson’s parents that he had sustained a severe concussion while stacking dairy refrigerators at a major retail chain several years prior and had been afflicted ever since with incapacitating migraines.

Speaking about Brittney Nelson, Brian’s parents claimed that she was under stress from homeschooling her six children and managing her own health issues. The pair, who had been high school sweethearts, married in 2008.

Firefighters allegedly found Brian and Brittney’s remains in the front of their burning Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, home on Thursday, while their six children’s bodies were found in a bedroom in the back, where the majority of the fire was put out, according to authorities. Authorities said the family members’ reasons for death are still under investigation, but they do not think the fire played a role in their passing.

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