Microsoft Takes Major Steps To Make it  Easier-To-Repair Xboxes


The investor group, As You Sow which advocates for “right-to-repair” policies is an organization that would facilitate independent repair of many tech devices by allowing spare parts and repair documentation more accessible. As You Sow is the nation’s non-profit leader in shareholder advocacy.

Microsoft acceded to pressure from the group about repairs for the Xbox and PlayStation. Microsoft says they want to be  “carbon negative” by 2030. They did  resist the advocacy right  group’s demands for right-to-repair policies. Microsoft agree to its corporate stance after the shareholder resolution gained significant media attention in June.

Microsoft will now hire  a third-party company  to investigate what is involved when allowing customers to repair their own devices. These third-party services  will help  determine better ways to enable the repair of Xbox and Surface devices. Microsoft has  agreed to increase public access to repair documentation and parts and to make them available beyond its official authorized network. Microsoft must publish their findings by May 2022. As part of the agreement they have to  increase access to repair-related materials by the end of 2022.

For the first time a major tech company has acknowledged the right-to-repair movement. Letting customers  repair their own electronics than can  extending their usage and life of the product would reduce overall mining and pollution, the advocacy group reports.

Microsoft  started to change its corporate stance after the shareholder resolution gained significant media attention in June.

“This is an encouraging step by Microsoft to respond to the upswell of federal and state activity in the right to repair movement,” said Kelly McBee, waste program coordinator at As You Sow. “Excitingly, this agreement will begin to allow consumers to repair their Microsoft devices outside the limited network of authorized repair shops.”

In exchange for As You Sow’s withdrawal of its shareholder resolution, Microsoft will:

Complete a third-party study evaluating the environmental and social impacts associated with increasing consumer access to repair and determine new mechanisms to increase access to repair, including for Surface devices and Xbox consoles; Expand the availability of certain parts and repair documentation beyond Microsoft’s Authorized Service Provider network; and Initiate new mechanisms to enable and facilitate local repair options for consumers. Source

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