Is Elon Musk’s Global Footprint Worrying US Government Officials?

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Business magnate and entrepreneur Elon Musk has gained worldwide recognition as the CEO of the private space enterprise SpaceX and the electric vehicles company, Tesla Inc. Musk co-founded PayPal, invested early in a number of Internet firms, and started talks to take Twitter Inc. private in April 2022.

Over the past 20 years, state and federal governments have invested billions in Elon Musk’s scientific and commercial endeavors and given him access to lucrative and exclusive government contracts. According to a Washington Post report, some authorities are trying to limit Musk’s power in Washington by sponsoring his rival companies because they are concerned that he has too much sway over international issues.

According to unnamed sources who spoke with Bloomberg, the Starlink internet network may also be subject to a national security investigation as a result of officials’ unease with Musk’s proposal for a settlement between Russia and Ukraine.

Government officials have supported Musk’s rivals in an effort to lessen their dependency on his companies, reports said. This includes supporting Boeing’s Starliner, a Space X rival, pushing other electric vehicle manufacturers to take on Tesla, and considering alternatives to Starlink in Ukraine.

While Musk and President Joe Biden have engaged in a public spat over the past year, sources close to Musk told the Post that he has also been maintaining contact with more foreign prime ministers and presidents as his distaste of Washington grows more widespread.

The CEO of Tesla is ranked the world’s richest person by Forbes and Bloomberg, and his net worth is reportedly about $250bn. Elon, The Everywhere, a White House representative reportedly told the Post. He thinks he is such a gift to humanity that he does not need any restraints and that he is the wisest person, the representative stated.

Additionally, sources expressed concern to the Post about potential national security risks associated with Musk’s extensive network of business connections. The Biden administration is looking into methods to check into Musk’s $44 billion purchase of Twitter due to the numerous foreign investors in the deal, according to a Friday Bloomberg story.

According to a perspective posted in the Washington Post, Musk’s vision of ‘free speech’ could be unfavorable for Twitter. The South Africa-born investor describes himself as a “free-speech absolutist,” yet like many other “free speech” proponents, he intentionally ignores the fact that private firms are free to place restrictions on their platforms. He has not taken note of the people who quit Facebook and later raised concerns about the harms the social media network can inflict on users, particularly adolescent girls.

A member of the Congress has reportedly said that Musk is a self-proclaimed expert who will do anything he pleases; this may be both good or bad.

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