Instagram Reacts to Twitter’s Journey on Choppy Seas while Musk Might Lose 75% Staff to Mass Resignations

Image Flickr Steve Jurvetson

Most people would think social media businesses would rejoice at the demise of a competitor; however Instagram’s latest post suggests otherwise. Instagram’s official Twitter account posted the loving and surprising statement ‘tbh we love twitter’ with a sobbing face emoji on Friday.

The tender message was in reference to Twitter’s ongoing upheaval, which new owner Elon Musk has stated ‘will not survive’ unless it finds methods to make money. According to reports, Musk may lose 75% of Twitter’s remaining personnel after hundreds left overnight and more defied the CEO’s deadline to pledge to be ‘hardcore.’ Instagram’s statement was also an acknowledgment of its position on the competitor site, which Musk has owned since the end of October. Similarly, Twitter has an Instagram account that only shares screenshots of tweets, though nothing has been posted since July.

This comes on the heels of the current round of issues at Twitter caused by Musk’s ownership, which reached a worrying climax this week. Musk issued an email to his remaining 3,700 employees on Wednesday, giving them until 5 p.m. ET Thursday to either click a link indicating their desire to work ‘extended hours at high intensity,’ or leave the company with three months’ severance money.

Employees will need to be very ‘hardcore’ if the company wants to create ‘a breakthrough Twitter 2.0,’ according to the memo, which means they will have to work ‘long hours at high intensity’ in the future. However, the email apparently caused a wave of resignations, and approximately 75% of the firm’s surviving employees ignored the email. According to Reuters, the departures include numerous engineers in charge of addressing issues and preventing service failures, increasing concerns about the platform’s stability.

The historic Piccadilly Circus facility was formerly a center for UK-based personnel, but it is believed that entire departments were laid off after Elon Musk’s £38 billion buyout. Staff at the two surviving businesses in the property have reportedly revealed that they couldn’t say ‘whether or when’ they were instructed to leave.

Prospect, the union representing thousands of dissatisfied employees, filed a letter to Twitter requesting an emergency meeting to discuss the treatment of employees. Musk locked his decreasing worldwide team out of their offices overnight until next week, citing reports that unhappy employees may attempt to harm the company. The business claimed in a statement issued to Twitter employees and obtained by the BBC that office buildings would be temporarily closed and badge access would be suspended until Monday. However, signage that once adorned the walls of the London office appears to have been removed, and another company has taken over the first level, which previously housed Twitter and several smaller enterprises.

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