How To Get More Views on TikTok

TikTok SEO refers to optimizing your content for search results so that users of the platform may quickly find it. If views are what your after to start gaining a following practice the tips we have for you below.

The TikTok algorithm now recommends material to users based on what it has learned about their interests from a variety of sources, including the posts they interact with, the accounts they follow, and more.

You should produce material that adheres to the algorithm as it is likely to be looked up by your target market by using an SEO plan.

Four strategies to improve your TikTok content.

Understanding how to TikTok-optimize your content will significantly improve your content’s discoverability. Here are four methods for developing your TikTok SEO plan:

  • Use Keyword Phrases in Your Captions and ideos.
  • Include Five or More Useful Hashtags
  • Utilize popular TikTok Audio
  • Maintain Consistency in Your Niche

The first strategy is to include keywords in your captions and videos. When it comes to TikTok SEO, words count. Utilizing pertinent and evocative keywords that your audience actually searches for is the first step in optimizing your TikTok content.

Make sure to  apply them to your captions. As much as 2,000 characters are allowed.

Automated captioning for videos and on-screen writing. For TikTok’s algorithm to notice you, mention your keyword in the opening few seconds of your video.

Use broad, trending hashtags and specific hashtags to gain a large audience but specialty hashtags can draw viewers who are already interested in content similar to yours. Three to five hashtags is sufficient, but there is no limit that TikTok sets to use. If your marketing a local business, use TikTok’s geological tags in your videos along with your other hashtags.

Not sure how to figure out what hashtags to use on TikTok? Find out exactly the videos people are looking for in your field by using the TikTok search box. If your niche is mascara, type it in and all the hashtags will come up that are trending in a drop-down menu.

Hearing is believing.

On TikTok, sound is more effectively heard. People perceive sound on TikTok as “fun,” according to Kantar study, which is a 66% increase compared to other platforms with the audio turned off. Additionally, users believed that the audio on TikTok was considerably more interesting, enticing, and informative. On other platforms, however, individuals typically find sound to be more unpleasant and even distracting. What does this evidence suggest, then? On TikTok, users and brands use audio to elicit emotions and affect viewers in a way that isn’t feasible on other platforms.

On TikTok, sound serves as the anti-scroll. Sound halts scrolling in a world of limitless content, including photographs, stories, tweets, and videos. The brain will be engaged to a greater extent by content that activates the sense of hearing in addition to the sense of sight.

The brain will be more engaged by content that engages the sense of hearing in addition to the sense of sight, which will cause it to slow down to better comprehend the experience. Regardless of whether the material is bought or organic, sound has the power to captivate audiences and invite them to completely engage. In the survey, more people claimed they would “stop and look” at ads on TikTok with audio than on any other platform, with a response rate of 73%.

Want to find out what is trending on TikTok?

TikTok publishes a monthly report on trending ideas to use and what’s working. For November, the trend is all about telling a story through your facial expressions — so have fun with it. Show off your creative side and hit each question with a telling look!”



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