Google’s New Tools Make Personal Data Removal From Search Results Easy

Search engine giant Google LLC has just begun allowing users to remove personal information from search results, such as their phone number, email address, and home location. At its annual I/O developer conference, Google announced the creation of a tool to help ease the process.

Looks like the move might have been planned for nearly a decade. In 2014, the European Court of Justice had declared that search engines like Google must allow European internet users to request the removal of their personal information in order to exercise their “right to be forgotten.” Google says it received more than 650,000 data erasure requests during the next four years.

The Alphabet-owned internet search engine’s new regulations and tools allow users to swiftly and easily request the removal of personal data from search results.

Previously, users had to present evidence of potential harm, such as doxxing or identity theft, to ask the media giant to delete their personal information from search results, according to a blog post published in April.

Importantly, not every request is certain to be approved. According to Google, the business may not delete your personal data from its search results if the information is newsworthy.

Anyone can make a removal request by filling out an online form. You can use the web form to delete select personally identifiable information (PII) or “doxxing content” from Google Search. You then have to answer a series of questions concerning the type of personal information that appears in search results, the URLs of the websites displaying the information, the keywords applied to find the required results in Google searches, and maybe even screenshots of the websites and search results.

The form also asks if your personal information is being shared “with doxxing intent,” if it contains sexual content, or if it needs to be removed for security reasons.

These new restrictions and tools only apply to personal information; to completely erase your personal data from the internet, and the search engine giant recommends that you contact and request the websites.

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