Good Gut Bacteria May Help Prevent Osteoporosis


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Osteoporosis is a common skeletal disease that leads to bone fractures and disability stemming from insufficient skeletal development leading to low peak bone density by age 30, and/or accelerated bone loss thereafter.

Menopause, aging, inflammation, and hyperparathyroidism are common causes of osteoporosis that induce progressive loss of bone mineral density (BMD) by increasing osteoclastic bone resorption, or by decreasing osteoblast activity and lifespan.

The gut microbiome is a key regulator of bone health that affects postnatal skeletal development and skeletal involution. Alterations in microbiota composition and host responses to the microbiota contribute to pathological bone loss, while changes in microbiota composition that prevent, or reverse, bone loss may be achieved by nutritional supplements with prebiotics and probiotics.

Probiotics are defined as viable microorganisms that confer health benefits when administered in adequate quantities, while prebiotics are non-digestible fermentable food ingredients that promote the growth of beneficial microbes and/or promote beneficial changes in the activity of the microbiome . One mechanism whereby prebiotics and probiotics elicit positive health influences is by inducing modifications in the composition of the microbiota.

SCFAs bolster the gut epithelium and coerce a tolerogenic immune environment. The role of SCFAs in the immune system has been extensively reviewed elsewhere ; some of the main discoveries are outlined herein. The intestinal epithelium acts as a barrier to prevent the passage of intraluminal entities such as foreign antigens, microorganisms, and their toxins into subepithelial compartments. Its second function is to act as a selective filter that allows the translocation of essential dietary nutrients, electrolytes, and water from the intestinal lumen into the circulation. Disrupted intestinal barrier function is associated with development of inflammatory diseases.



Foods to help aid digestion




Fermented Foods

Leafy Green Vegetables

Lean Protein

Low Fructose Fruits


Warm water after a meal

Foods to avoid for  better digestion

Citrus Fruits


Coffee and Alcohol

Fried Foods

Too much fiber

Beans- cause gas, bloating


Spicy Foods


Artificial sweeteners, such as sugar alcohols


Cabbage, Broccoli Raw- Better to Steam

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