Fugitive Murder Suspect On the Run  Kaitlin Marie Armstrong Vehicle Found in Austin Texas

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Fugitive suspects’ vehicle found in famous cyclists death Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson located in Austin Texas

Most wanted fugitive on the run is Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, 34 years of age who police believe allegedly shot and killed her friend Wilson, who was 25- years  in Austin Texas  on May 11, 2022. The  U.S. Marshals Service  state Armstrong has been on the run  but a warrant for her arrest wasn’t issued by the authorities until May 19. Police had questioned Armstrong two days after  the famed cysclist Wilson was found with multiple gunshot wounds in the apartment .

The case started when Colin Strickland, who is a professional cyclist had a brief relationship with Wilson. During this time, he was broken apart from Wilson. Colin is not being investigated in this case and the police have ruled him out for being involved in any way of the murder.


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U.S. Marshals Lone Star Fugitive Task Force say they have found a black Jeep Grand Cherokee registered to Kaitlin Marie Armstrong. The jeep was sold on May 13th,  2022 just a couple of days after Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson was found dead. The Car Max dealer bough the car for 12K. That check was given to her after she was questions  by Austin police.

The next day, she boarded a plane  on May 14th en route to New York LaGuardia Airport from Austin, Texas. Police say she did not use her name on any flight records or reservations. A love triangle gone wrong. Austin police found out Wilson had previously been in a relationship with Armstrong’s boyfriend, cyclist  who is a  Red Bull athlete Colin Strickland.

Who is Kate? Kate is a gun activist and goes by @kait.meow on Instagram. She has photos of herself holding guns. She is also a Trump supporter and has photos of herself with Marjorie Taylor Green. At this point, she may have left the country and is most likely armed and very dangerous. Read more here.

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