French President Macron Pushes for Universal Outlaw of Death Sentence as France Gears for EU Presidency



On Saturday, French President Emmanuel Macron, announced that France will roll out a campaign for the abolition of the death penalty all over the world.

At an event to commemorating France’s 40 years since the abolition of the death sentencing, President Macron stated that France will host a conference in Paris, where civil society groups across countries will come together and shed light on the various regions that still use death penalty as a punishment and those that have suspended its use.

The French President revealed that during France’s tenure of holding the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU the first six months of 2022, the country will correspondingly work with other member states in the direction of a resolution, where the countries would resolve to report how many death penalty sentences each of them had given as well as the number of executions they had carried out.

President Macron is following the footsteps of Robert Badinter, the justice minister of France’s former President, Francois Mitterrand. The late President had paved the way to abolishing the death punishment in 1981, at the French Parliament.

Among all the countries who embraced the abolition of the death penalty, France stands in the 35th place in its implementation. The moratoriums and abolition since then bear connotation that most countries would not implement such a punishment, even though some nations, such as the United States, Iran, and China, still maintain it.

The French public at large are not in unison over the abolition. According to opinion polls, the population remains divided on the subject. Reports say that Eric Zemmour, the right-wing commentator and runner for France’s April elections, has voiced his support for the abolition.


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