Former Celebrity Chef Mario Batali’s Alleged Sexual Misconduct Revealed in New Documentary

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A new documentary on former celebrity chef, writer, and restaurateur Mario Batali reportedly includes interviews of the various women who have opened up about his sexual misconduct. Celebrity cinematographer Singeli Agnew’s documentary denounces Mario Batali’s alleged sexual misbehavior. However, it only shows the chef in archival footage. The film about the controversial career of the chef is titled ‘Batali: The Fall of a Superstar Chef.’ It is cited to be premiered on Thursday on Discovery+.

The film follows allegations of sexual misconduct that initially came to light in 2017 and span over two decades. The documentary features fresh testimony from a former Babbo employee who had previously maintained her anonymity and claimed that Batali had sexually abused her. Eva DeVirglis, an ex-employee of Batali’s Babbo restaurant, accused the disgraced celebrity chef of raping her in the VIP area of his restaurant, the Spotted Pig, while she was unconscious from drugs. She claims that after the altercation at the restaurant in 2005, Batali left her with damaged ribs and abrasions.

The women who spoke in Agnew’s 80-minute video, displayed their fury that has the feel of reality. The specifics of all the inappropriate behavior described lend weight to their claims. More than 20 employees who had experienced sexual harassment at the celebrity and his former partner Joe Bastianich’s restaurants received $600,000 as compensation after they reached an agreement.

After a Boston judge found Batali not responsible for an alleged instance of indecent assault and abuse in May, the A-rated chef also resolved two further sexual misconduct complaints in August. These lawsuits allegedly involved events in Boston, where the women have reportedly claimed that he had touched them in public in 2017.

The film portrays the feelings of the women about what appears to have been a flimsy financial settlement arranged by State Attorney General Letitia James, and what they ultimately received was next to nothing. However, the individuals the women accused of either overt conduct or participation in such heinous crimes are nowhere to be found or heard. The accused — who have made some type of apology — do not defend themselves or their reputations by choosing to withdraw.

Due to the controversies, Italian cookery’s onetime celebrity evangelist who also developed the well-known Eataly food markets now has his career and reputation destroyed. His behavior has cost losses – TV contracts, shelf space for his specialty foods, and several restaurants, reports say. The film’s purpose is perhaps a warning that if someone like Batali could be pushed so low, perhaps others in his position will think twice before allowing their hands to wander beyond the stovetop or cutting board.

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