Florida Woman Drowns Dog in Swimming Pool, Bangs Canine to Death: Warning Graphic Content

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A woman in Florida has been arrested after the release of a video that shows her beating and drowning her pet Chihuahua, in a pool. She was charged with felony animal cruelty. In a shocking home video released by Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey on Thursday, Erica Black is seen walking into a pool with her Chihuahua, Sadie.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey claimed that the video was posted on Facebook and that 32-year-old Erica Black had been arrested in late July after she was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after stabbing a 68-year-old man twice. She was already in jail for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and with a bond of $150,000.

Ivey claimed that in August, Black’s roommate brought surveillance footage to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office that purportedly showed Black drowning Sadie in a swimming pool. The incident occurred a week after Lindin Siri, who was Black’s roommate, was allegedly the target of attempted murder by Black, according to reports.


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In the video, the small dog struggles to keep her head above water as Black pushes her underwater and holds it there. Ivey then plays footage of Black repeatedly slamming Sadie against the poolside floor until the canine is rendered motionless.

In one picture, Black is pictured standing next to the body as she posts pictures of it online. According to an investigation, Black left the body on the sofa for several days before displaying it once more in a livestream video.

The sheriff described Black as “the most despicable excuse for a human being.” She said that there is “special place in hell for this woman,” and would be kept in jail until she gets there. A judge increased the woman’s already existing $150,000 bond for the stabbing by an additional $15,000 to cover the charge of animal cruelty.



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