Filing Tax Returns in the U.S Could Be Free democratic law makers propose.


The implementation of a free federal tax-filing system in the US is getting closer. Democratic lawmakers provided $15 million in their measure for the Treasury Department to research it.The introduction of a free online filing system is strongly favored by many Democrats. Soon, filing taxes may be free and not too difficult.

The US is getting closer to updating tax filing procedures and releasing the process from the control of for-profit tax preparation firms like TurboTax and H&R Block. In the future, submitting taxes may merely only a few clicks or even a text message reply, as it is done in some European nations like Estonia. The Inflation Reduction Act, which was approved last month with only Democratic support, included a $15 million fund for the Treasury Department.

A $15 million budgetary allocation was made for the Treasury Department to research a free federal tax-filing website as part of the Inflation Reduction Act, which was passed last month with only Democratic support.

Janet Yellen, the secretary of the Treasury, endorsed streamlining the procedure on Thursday. During a visit to an IRS facility in Maryland, she said, “Compare that with Sweden. Some taxpayers can file simply by replying to a text message. We can and must do better.”

With Democrats allocating $80 billion to the IRS, the Inflation Reduction Act is expected to lessen some of that hardship. Customer-service and free-filing initiatives will still receive a sizable portion of the money, but a sizable portion will go toward tax enforcement on America’s extremely affluent and major enterprises.

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