Elon Musk Indicates Support for Gov. Ron DeSantis in 2024 Presidential Election

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc., has indicated a preference for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the 2024 presidential election, the latest indication of a pro-Republican tilt from the world’s wealthiest man as he clashes with the government on labor and collision investigations.

On Wednesday, tucked away in a Twitter thread, the world’s richest man talked midterm politics and the fact that he voted Republican for the first time. He claimed DeSantis is who he would support for president in 2024 at the moment.

Musk’s revelation came in reaction to another Twitter account named Tesla Owners Silicon Valley, which claims in its bio that it follows well-known Tesla owners in the area.

Tesla Owners Silicon Valley asked Musk if he would vote Republican for president, to which Musk answered, “tbd.” A twitter then asked Musk which direction he was leaning toward, and Musk replied with just one word: “DeSantis.”.

The conversation started when the billionaire responded to a tweet from The Texan declaring Republican Mayra Flores’ victory in a special election for Texas’ 34th Congressional District, switching a seat traditionally held by Democrats.
Musk responded saying that he voted for Mayra Flores the first time he voted Republican.

The attorney and politician, who has not formally entered the campaign, is an ally of former President Donald Trump and is widely regarded as the party’s front-runner if he runs.

In recent months, DeSantis has hailed Musk, whose flirtation with purchasing Twitter has invigorated conservatives who believe that under his leadership, there would be less censorship, which DeSantis has emphasized as governor.
DeSantis said in April, as Twitter was negotiating a sale agreement with Musk, that it would be a blow to “failed legacy media.”

He has resisted the concept of aggressively attempting to transfer Twitter to Florida, a longshot proposition made openly by several Florida lawmakers.

According to Forbes, Musk is the richest man on the planet, but his cultural influence stretches far beyond his fortune. His remarks could fuel speculation about DeSantis running for president.

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