eBay’s Marketplace Listing Creation Turns Quick with Optiseller’s New Data Platform

Once a seller has established his eBay seller account, he can begin listing things for sale. How well he does this will assist drive your conversion rates based on how you handle the numerous components of a good listing.

A listing on the multinational e-commerce company eBay is much more than a title, photo, and description. Doing the bare minimum will only gain him that many sales at best, so making sure he is set up for success when it comes to listing is essential.

There are a few things the listing must include. It must not only entice customers but also win over eBay’s search result algorithm and boost conversions. Effective eBay listing optimization will go beyond increasing search rankings to inspire potential buyers to make a purchase.

Optiseller’s new enhanced data optimization technology walks sellers through the entire process of establishing a marketplace listing in record time.

The technology allows sellers to quickly convert product data from a spreadsheet or text format into a completely optimized eBay listing, saving sellers important time and resources. The platform follows a five-step process, which includes file upload and configuration, classification, variation optimization, data optimization, and review and export.

Getting hold of how to optimize listings may be tough, stressful, and time-consuming,” says Craig MacCallum, CEO of Optiseller. With almost 19 million registered seller accounts on the eBay marketplace, it is now more crucial than ever for online retailers to carefully set-up their listings in order to attract shoppers’ attention.

The eBay Data Optimisation Platform from Optiseller guides sellers at all stages and levels of expertise in the appropriate direction to optimise for visibility, traffic, and conversions.

A spreadsheet of raw data might be burdensome to some, but this data is critical for creating the right listing so a seller can sell more online, the company said.

eCommerce data analytics platform Optiseller has mastered the art of onboarding sellers to eBay as data specialists, and the Data Optimisation Platform is an improved addition to the portfolio of tools to assist sellers, continued MacCallum. Sellers can use the platform to convert product data in.csv or.txt format into eBay listing data.

It accepts eBay’s Seller Hub Reports and MIP formats, as well as an Optiseller format for uploading data to a third-party listing tool.

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