Criminal Harold Gooding has 101 arrests and released every time due to lax bail laws in NYC

Facebook Image Harold Gooding Jr.

Since being released under lax bail rules, Harold Gooding has been charged with scores of theft-related offenses, including four robberies on a well-known retail stores. According to NYPD he ranks as  number one on the  list for repeat offenders.Following his extensive crime spree, the 53-year-old already has 15 convictions on his name, along with 14 failures to appear in court. Following his barrage of thefts, he climbed to the top of the NYPD’s list of repeat offenders, but he still manages to elude capture to conduct other robberies.

According to state records, career criminal  Gooding has spent three jail sentences, beginning with a one- to three-year sentence for an attempted burglary conviction in Brooklyn in 1994.Gooding is accused of shoplifting from a Target store in Tribeca several times during an alleged spree of robberies this year while donning the same recognizable white hat, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. The DA’s Office claimed that Gooding was caught on surveillance footage stealing household goods from the shop on five separate occasions between May 12 and June 16 when wearing the bucket hat.

Gooding, who also goes by the name Jamel White, has been arrested 88 times in the past two years on larceny-related crimes, but still is free, not arrested and keeps committing more crimes.  74 related to accusations of petit and grand larceny, all of which were perpetrated in New York City , and two other cases involving five alleged thefts from the Target store on Greenwich Street are still pending against him.

The gangster has been found guilty 15 times, including 10 misdemeanors and two severe felonies. He did not show for  court appearances at least 14 times. He has spent time in prison on burglary and robbery offenses,  but due to  radical bail reform laws implemented in 2020 he continues to avoid jail time.

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