Courtney Clenney Case Update: Boyfriend was Stabbed Near Tattoo of Her Name on Chest

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Only Fans model Courtney Clenney stabbed her boyfriend Christian Obumseli to death with a knife just inches above her name tattoo on his chest. Graphic case images show the tattoo of her name in cursive on the left side of his chest. Clenney has been charged with second-degree murder after reportedly stabbing him in their Miami condo after an argument in April.

After a dispute in their Miami condo, the influencer thrust the blade into his chest and cut a subclavian artery, prompting charges of second-degree murder. One image looks to be of apparel with many images of Clenney’s face emblazoned on it.

Investigators also photographed marijuana buds, a rainbow-colored “c-k sock,” and many bottles of unknown prescription drugs. Despite their near-constant feuding, Obumseli’s passion for Clenney is revealed in several lengthy love letters. Prosecutors have produced evidence from the case that they claim demonstrates Clenney’s controlling and damaging role in the relationship.

In multiple recordings Obumseli secretly recorded, she can be heard shouting herself hoarse, calling him the N-word in one and telling him she wanted to murder him in another – barely a month before his slaying. The social media star claims she stabbed the cryptocurrency trader in self-defense. She also said that she has been terrified for a long time by his overbearing behavior.

However, prosecutors in Miami believe that she harassed Obumseli both psychologically and physically before the fatal altercation. Other images in the collection, such as blood-splattered love letters, sensitive personal goods, and Polaroid photos from happier times, provide dramatic glimpses into the couple’s stormy union. Prosecutors argue that she has the means and incentive to flee her case, citing the $3 million she earned through OnlyFans since 2020, and that she should be imprisoned. In the next weeks, a court is likely to rule on whether she can be released on bail.

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