Celebrity Stars Todd and Julie Chrisley Sentenced for Tax Evasion and Fraud, Son Hospitalized, Daughter ‘suicidal’

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Celebrity stars of reality TV show ‘Chrisley Knows Best,’ Todd and Julie Chrisley, have received a cumulative sentence of 19 years in prison. Todd Chrisley was sentenced to 12 years in jail and 16 months probation, while Julie Chrisley was sentenced to 7 years in prison and 16 months probation.

Peter Tarantino, their accountant, was sentenced to three years in prison earlier today after being found guilty of filing two fake corporate tax forms on behalf of Chrisley’s company. After recovering from hip surgery, he will begin his sentence in May of next year.

The reality star Julie reportedly tried to avoid prison for tax fraud by telling the judge that the ordeal had made her ten-year-old daughter suicidal. Julie pleaded for leniency in her sentence on Monday, saying her adoptive daughter Chloe said she did not want to “live if [her] mom goes away.”

Todd also begged the judge to be kind to his wife, claiming that she was the primary caregiver for their two youngest children and that they would be lost without her. Despite the couples’ passionate pleas, US District Judge Eleanor Ross handed down their sentences, stating that the ‘greed and flamboyance’ in their case could not be ignored. Todd will serve his term at FCI Pensacola, and Julie will serve hers at FCI Tallahassee, the same jail where Ghislaine Maxwell is serving hers for her role in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking operation.

The couple was convicted in June of inflating their net worth in order to obtain more than $30 million in illegal loans. They were also discovered to have avoided paying taxes since 2009 and to have concealed their earnings from the show from the IRS. Julie was also convicted of wire fraud and obstruction of justice.

The Chrisleys denied any wrongdoing, and their lawyer stated that they were not aware that an employee was robbing the government. It’s been reported that their reality programme, as well as a spin-off centered on their children, have been canceled.

During the dramatic trial earlier this year, Chrisley’s former employee-turned-lover Mark Braddock disclosed in bombshell testimony that he had a year-long gay affair with the reality star in the early 2000s – while they were both married to their respective wives.

On the stand, Braddock shockingly turned against his ex-lover and business partner, telling the jury that he had not only witnessed but also helped to commit the Chrisleys’ crimes. In his testimony, he admitted not only to his role in the Chrisleys’ years-long deception, but also to his infidelity, which he is believed to have kept secret from his wife for years until revealing it all to the public on the stand. In exchange, Braddock was granted immunity for his testimony.

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