Celebrity Kate Moss Opens Up on Effects of Wild Lifestyle, Was Inspired by Big Book’s 12-Steps

Image: Wikimedia Renan Katayama

Celebrity model and businesswoman Kate Moss, also known as the ‘coolest girl of the ’90s, was known for her wild parties. After the effects of her wild lifestyle affected her adrenal glands and nervous system, she used the 12-step programme to “repair” herself and her “shortcomings,” she claimed.

The Britisher also discussed the toll her lifestyle had on her health in a recent interview, claiming that her adrenal glands and brain system were topsy turvy. The 48-year-old supermodel claimed she wanted to “heal” them and started the 12-step recovery programme, alluding to the self-help book known as the Big Book. The steps are for anyone overcoming drug addiction, alcoholism, and other addiction and who wants to learn the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in a goal-oriented environment.

Kate admitted to Vogue that she had learned to look at herself, at her flaws, and at who she is. According to her, the immune system, stress response, blood pressure, metabolism, and other critical processes are controlled by hormones that are produced by the adrenal glands.

The model was well-known among her pals as “The Tank” because of her prosecco in the morning and glasses of wine and vodka at lunch. The time when she was seen sniffing cocaine in 2005, she earned the moniker “Cocaine Kate.” The shift toward wellness may come as a surprise to the well-known party girl, but it is far more in line with Kate’s current objectives. After decades of partying, Kate’s friend DJ Fat Tony revealed in 2020 that she had been clean for two years and was maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


When the celebrity is feeling worn out, she loves to retreat to her garden, she said. Kate’s most recent business endeavor, Cosmoss, a lifestyle brand with a focus on wellness, which she plans to launch this month, was inspired by this new holistic approach. Her own life experiences inspired her to start the Kate Moss Agency, which represents celebrities like Georgia Palmer, Stella Maxwell, and her own daughter. Kate and her ex-partner Jefferson Hack have a 19-year-old daughter named Lila. Her top goal is to ensure the welfare of her young models.

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