Celebrity Amber Heard to Write Tell-All Book on Her Marriage to Johnny Depp

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The defamation trial may be over, but celebrity actress Amber Heard does not seem to be done talking about her connection with the celebrity actor Johnny Depp.
According to sources, Heard is in talks to write a tell-all book to supplement her income following her $8 million defamation suit loss against ex-husband Johnny Depp.

The jury in the defamation suit agreed that the actress had defamed her ex-husband by making “false and defamatory” claims about him. He was granted $15 million in damages, which were ultimately reduced to $10.35 million.

The celebrity actor was also found guilty of defaming Heard due to allegations made by his former attorney Adam Waldman, and Heard was granted $2 million. This still leaves her liable for more than $8 million, which Heard’s attorneys claim she cannot pay, albeit Depp may waive the charges.

According to a source close to the Aquaman star, the 36-year-old actress is ‘broke’ and unable to turn down money. The actress has apparently received a lucrative contract to write a book about her ill-fated engagement with Johnny Depp.

In any case, the two’s feud could be reignited as a result of the announcement that Heard is publishing a memoir about their marriage. Several news outlets indicate that Heard has agreed to write the book for a multi-million dollar fee, partly because the actress was broke and not “in a position to turn down money.”

An unnamed insider stated that Heard believes she will not be able to find any more high-paying jobs in Hollywood and sees the book as her next professional move. The 36-year-old actress and her sister, Whitney Henriquez, went discount shopping at the Bridgehampton retail business, according to TMZ. Writing a book about Johnny Depp allegedly abusing Amber Heard might be a perilous enterprise for her.

This could be risky for Heard. A jury had already found her guilty of defaming Depp in an op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post in 2018, even though she had not directly identified her ex-husband. A tell-all book with more extensive charges depicting Depp as an abuser might very possibly result in another defamation action against the Aquaman actress.

According to Dror Bike, a New York divorce lawyer and best-selling author, the statement to publish a tell-all might land the celebrity actress in deep trouble again. Heard may also suffer yet another backlash from the public, who chastised her for rehashing her charges against Depp during her Dateline interview.

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