Cancer-causing chemical levels have increased in more varieties of dry shampoo products.

Some of your favorite dry shampoo brands such as Not Your Mothers, Paul Mitchell, Sebastian, Batiste, Kerastase , Amika, Kristen Ess, Bumble and Bumble, IGK and Redken are under a health hazard warning.

11 samples of dry shampoos showed levels over 10 times more than 2 parts per million (ppm), the FDA limit for drugs.

In its recently submitted FDA Citizen Petition, Valisure found quantifiable levels of benzene in 70% of the samples tested, and some samples taken directly from contaminated air and analyzed later indicate the sprayed product may have contained up to 170 times the conditionally restricted FDA concentration limit of 2 parts per million (ppm) (intended for certain drugs, when the use of benzene is unavoidable to produce a product that has a significant therapeutic advance).

According to the petition, three lots of dry shampoo products from one brand contained spray that contained more than 100 ppm of benzene, and some samples examined by Valisure revealed levels that were more than 10 times the FDA medication limit. The petition also claims that Valisure found benzene in a number of other frequently used items, including several sunscreens and  some hand sanitizers.

Over ten times this FDA limit were found in 11 of the samples Valisure tested. These results represent the highest and broadest detection of benzene by Valisure in a consumer product category to date. Valisure is requesting the FDA better define limits for benzene contamination in cosmetics and other products, as well as a recall of the contaminated batches.

“The detection of high levels of benzene in dry shampoos should be cause for significant concern since these products are likely used indoors, where benzene may linger and be inhaled for prolonged periods of time,” says David Light, Chief Executive Officer of Valisure. “These and other issues identified by Valisure, including the detection of benzene in body spray, hand sanitizer, and sunscreen products, strongly underscore the importance of independent testing and its need to be better integrated into an increasingly complex and vulnerable global supply chain.” Source Valisure.

The brand Not Your Mothers, Paul Mitchell, Sebastian, Batiste, Kerastase , Amika, Kristen Ess, Bumble and Bumble, IGK and Redken to name a few. To see the full list of dry shampoo products with high levels of the cancer causing chemical visit Valisure.

What are alternatives to using dry shampoo?

Corn starch can be used as a substitute for dry shampoo because it is both safe and absorbent. If you have darker hair and are concerned about leaving a  white cast residue, combine a little amount of this product with cocoa powder and use a contour brush or your hands to apply it to your hairline.

Arrowroot powder and translucent setting powder can lightly be dusted in oily scalp areas. Blotting oil facial papers will also help absorb extra oil. Baking soda works well if you have blonde hair.

While not good for hair because it is drying, in a pinch you can mix some 50% rubbing alcohol and water and lightly press on the tips of your fingers and rub into the scalp. You can also use a volumizing shampoo and skip conditioner completely at the scalp area when washing your hair.

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