Biden to start an ‘new era of relentless diplomacy’ says future belongs to those who embrace human dignity in UN speech

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden addressed the United Nations General Assembly. He said that the world was at an “inflection point in history.” He called the nation’s withdrawal from Afghanistan as the end to a relentless war and the nation would begin “a new era of relentlessly diplomacy.”


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Biden spoke about his hopes that the world would come together and work on challenges such as


  • COVID-19
  • climate change
  • human rights violations
  • new threats from emerging technologies.


Biden called for cooperation from the world and said that they could not do it “alone” unlike the former administration under Donald Trump which emphasized on an “America First” policy. Biden has a different approach to America first as seen when the country signed a nuclear submarine deal along with the U.K., with Australia, who in turn defaulted with France on a conventional diesel submarine deal.


The nuclear submarine deal, the recent pullout from Afghanistan, which reportedly upset NATO allies as well the misdirected drone strike in Afghanistan has put Biden in a fix and has damaged some of his credibility before he spoke of strong diplomatic ties with the rest of the world and many allies of America.


Another issue that has created some friction is the sharing of vaccines by America and other countries with the rest of the world as new variants could keep on emerging as many parts of the world still have low vaccination rates.


Biden also mentioned a few countries by name including Iran and North Korea for nuclear weapons. He also asked for an end to the conflict in Yemen and Ethiopia but did not mention China or Russia by name. He broadly pointed in their direction on cyber security issues and more. He did mention human rights violations that were carried out against the Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang region in China.


He ended his speech to applause when he said that he stood at the UN headquarters in New York City for the first time in 20 years with the United States not at war. He said that the nation’s resources  would focus on “what’s ahead of us, not what’s behind.”



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