Apple’s ‘Epic’ battle continues as it bans Game ‘Fortnite’ from App Store till court appeals get exhausted

On Wednesday, Tom Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games said that Apple has banned its game Fortnite from its App Store until all court appeals have been exhausted. This could take several years as it is an epic battle between the app maker and the tech giant. The case began in 2020 and could remain unresolved with court appeals up to the next five years.


A lawyer for Apple said that the company had exercised its “discretion” and would not reinstate Epic’s developer program account in its App Store. CNN Business was provided with a copy of the letter from Apple’s lawyer to Epic.


The letter further states that Apple would not consider any requests for reinstatement up to a period by which the district court’s judgement “becomes final and non-appealable.


When CNN Business contacted Apple for a response to Sweeney’s tweets an Apple spokesperson declined to comment. However, the outlet was directed to a part of the court’s decision that was in favor of the tech giant.


The decision stated that stated that with over 30 million registered iOS developers it was not particularly surprising nor was it “necessarily nefarious” that Apple did not generally negotiate terms.


Sweeney has declared on Wednesday that the app developer would continue to pressurize the Cupertino giant. He said that they would fight on and that regulatory and legislative action was clearly needed, more than ever.


Contentious issues that lead to a lawsuit first appeared in 2020 when Epic Games updated its iOS. It allowed users to bypass the in-payment processor that is present in the App Store. Players could directly pay Epic Games for Fortnite.


Apple removed the game from its App Store. It filed a lawsuit against Epic Games. Early September, a U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers gave Epic Games a partial victory with a permanent injunction that would let developers inform users that there were other methods of payment and not just through the App store.


Judge Rogers also gave Apple victory on all other aspects of the case. It also ordered Epic Games to give 30 percent of its revenue of $12.1 million that it had earned through its Fortnite app when it was a part of the App Store, as damages.



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