Abortion rights protesters in downtown Los Angeles get violent-LAPD chief Michael Moore issued a tactical alert

People’s City Council – Los Angeles @PplsCityCouncil

Protesters in downtown Los Angeles get violent-LAPD chief Michael Moore issued a tactical alert.

in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday evening protesters gathered  Around Pershing square. They were there to protest against abortion rights. LAPD chief Michael Moore said people were throwing bottles and rocks at police officers near the area. Approximately after 9:00 PM the LAPD decided a citywide tactical alert was issued. The chief said people should stay away from the area.

Officers at the scene were wearing Homeland Security gear and were carrying weapons.

There have been protests in Northern California as well across the country due to the leak that came out about a decision about Roe V wade. There were protesters that were there to voice their opinion about the legal rights for women to get an abortion and also those that oppose abortion and   believe in right to life. Protests in Washington DC also carried on this week.


In a rare leak from the highest court in the U.S., Politico reported it has obtained a draft Supreme Court opinion showing a majority of the court in favor of striking down the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide. Source VOA News via CWEB.com


The document, labeled as a “1st Draft” by Justice Samuel Alito and circulated among the other justices in February, represents a breach in the highly secretive deliberation process among the justices in which their decisions are unknown until the rulings are officially issued. Source VOA News via CWEB.com


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